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Walk-in Tub Size and Measurement Information

What should I know about Walk-in Tub sizes?

Walk-in safety bathtubs come in a large variety of sizes ranging from small units about the size of a shower stall, to sizes larger than a conventional bathtub. Our research found one walk-in tub as small as (L/W/H) 36.5" x 33.5" x 29.5" and a tub as large as 60" x 32" x 47". Some tub sizes are designed especially for handicapped users.

Buying Tip: Some walk-in tubs are specifically designed for wheelchair or lift use and some a specifically designed for people weighing over 250 pounds.

Before you begin shopping for a walk-in tub, measure the space you have available for the tub. Many tub models are designed to fit into the space where you have a conventional bathtub. Models that are shorter than a conventional tub often come with extension shelves that match the tub and fill in the remaining space.

Also, some walk-in, or step-in, bathtubs are sealed to the floor like conventional tubs, while others are virtually ‘portable’ or free-standing and can be placed in a bathroom and then removed later.

Buying Tip: Be sure to look on the individual model page of our website for a more detailed description of the tub, including information on portable tubs and extension shelves.


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